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Terre de Provence Agglomération

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Terre de Provence Agglomération



Val de Provence is a region rich with popular traditions, all deeply rural and Provençal. They liven up the ten villages all year round, and more particularly during the summer.

Among the traditional summer festivities, the most striking are probably the confraternities’ festivities of Saint-Eloi, Saint-Roch, Saint-Jean, Saint-Omer and the Madeleine. They all have in common the parade of the traditional « Carreto Ramado » (leafy cart).

According to the village and the confraternity, the parade of leafy cart is different. The cart can be pulled by twenty draught horses for a cavalcade or by fifty for a walking parade.

Bull tradition is very present and vivid. It is expressed through many events including « courses camarguaises » (bull-running organised in the arenas), « encierros » (bull-running in the streets of the village), and « abrivados » (bull-running in the streets of the village, surrounded by “gardians”. This regional word refers to mounted men tending herds).