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Terre de Provence Agglomération

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Terre de Provence Agglomération



In Val de Provence, landscape is rich and varied with the Montagnette (literary « little mountain ») massifs located to the north-east between Barbentane and Graveson, and the Rougadou hill between Châteaurenard and Noves, as well as the Durance banks but also the agricultural plain of Basse Durance.
La montagnette
La montagnette

These two massifs are totally peaceful and constitute perfect places for family picnics. They offer to their visitors a colourful and extremely fragrant show as seasons go by.

The Durance river is highly connected to the History of the inhabitants of Val de Provence. Actually, they had to master it to be able to irrigate their fields and thus to develop their crops and market gardening.

This landscape has also been shaped by men to fulfil agricultural needs. Irrigation was set up during the 17th Century, allowing market gardening and fruit crops to expand. Water is a real richness in Provence. In Châteaurenard, you will thus find a fountain representing an allegory of the Durance River. This statue has been erected in 1909 to honour the wealth brought by water. One can read on it : « Eici, l’aigo es dor » (Here, water is gold).

Walking in Val de Provence : Do’s and don’ts

From June 1st to September 30 in Bouches-du-Rhône, access to fersted areas is regulated by Prefectural Order and may also be subject to municipal regulations, for your safety and the conservation of sensitive sites. Depending on the weather conditions the "forest fire" danger level (Orange - Red - Black) is defined for each forest every day and the information is available by 6 p.m.on the previous day at the latest.

Forest fire dansger level for each forest :

Orange : You can walk in the forest at any time of day Red : walking restricted to the hours of 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. Black : walking, driving, and vehicle parking is prohibited throughout the day.

How does it work ?

You can obtain information every day on 0811.20.13.13

The information is also available on the following website :