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Terre de Provence Agglomération

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Terre de Provence Agglomération

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The Chapel of the Crucifix

The Chapel of the Crucifix dates back to the 13th century. Listed as a Monument Historique, it was built on a temple from the 6th century.

The Saint-Maxime Church

It was built between the 11th and the 12th century. It houses Gothic apses and its bell-tower dates back to the 18th century – Listed as a Monument Historique.

The Saint-Bonet Chapel

It dates back to the 11th century and houses early Christian sarcophaguses. The chapel is dedicated to “Notre-Dame du Pieux Zèle” since 1757.

The Conil Mill

The Conil Mill was also called “De la Porte” in 1585. It is situated at the entrance of the village. An old act of 1326 could refer to that mill.

The fortifications

The surrounding wall, made of stone blocks, was about 1200 meters long. Three doors gave access to the village.

The Roumieu Cross

The Roumieu Cross dates back to 1610 : Entirely renovated, this wonderful cross is adorned by four cherubs’ heads on one side and by a beautiful lis flower on the other one.