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Terre de Provence Agglomération

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Terre de Provence Agglomération

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The Saint-Baudile Church

It dates back to the 12th Century and is listed as a Monument Historique., It was built during the 5th Century on a Roman villa of which some traces still can be seen.

During the 12th Century, there was a first enlargement with the apse, the nave, the dome and the bell-tower. It was followed with a series of constructions that spread out over the 20th. This building is a perfect expression of the Provençal Romanesque style and has been restored since 1989.

The bell-tower has also been modified and new bells were installed, which allowed the creation and the composition of an antiphonary.

The Chapel of Notre-Dame de Pitié

(Place of pilgrimage) : Nowadays, the Pieu hill houses a magnificent open-air theatre, where a cultural festival is held every summer.

Other interesting sites

- 12th and 14th Century Ramparts.
- The Chapel of Notre-Dame-de-Vacquières (private house)
- Chapel of the Pénitents Blancs (White Penitents) from the 14th Century
- Streets and façades dating back to the 17th Century.
- Numerous oratories and crosses including the Mas (traditional farm) de la Croix Cross, is listed as a Monument Historique.