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Saint Andiol


The Sainte-Croix Chapel

It is one of the oldest chapels in Provence. It is built in pure Romanesque style. To the left of the door at the entrance, there is a stone which carries the signature of the architect Pontius. The chapel was built during the 9th Century to house religious ceremonies.

The Saint-Vincent Church

It was built in the 12th century by the Saint-Victor Abbey monks on the ruins of a cloister. The primitive church plan is similar to rural sanctuaries : a single nave with three lancet arched aisles, closed by a semicircular apse.

The Fortifications (14th Century) form a tight circle around the primitive Romanesque building, which makes it look like the Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer church. The northern angle of the choir is ornate by a stone tabernacle.

It consists in a beautiful hexagonal monument standing on a pier with a similar section and surmounted by a soaring spire. The set is decorated with a delicate flamboyant tracery. This ciborium is an expression of the Florid Art from the middle of the 15th Century.

The Castle

The first act mentioning the castle dates back to August 20th 1478. During the 17th Century (1642), this building was restored and took the shape of a Renaissance castle. It has kept this appearance from then on.

The castle is surrounded by a magnificent 4 hectares park planted with trees. Noble families have been running it since October 1st 1225, when the lord of Roquemartine, became the first lord of Saint-Andiol.

Today, the castle has become the socio-cultural centre of the village.